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British Slave Boys

British Slave Boys
British Slave Boys
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Ben Suffolk is the Master in British Slave Boys and is always keen to train young slave boys, making sure they know the ropes - literally! With his many toys, shackles, whips and chains, he uses willing young lads and has them performing for him. In Graffiti Boy, Ben's slave boy Marek finds Sean outside adding graffiti to the walls - unacceptable behaviour that needs dealing with. He is taken inside where Master Ben gives him two choices, either the police or his own form of punishment. Sean is very cocky and opts for the latter. He is dog-walked and humiliated, and made to suck both cocks and lick arse before Marek fucks his arse until he spunks. Marek quickly follows suit and covers Sean with his own goo. In Slave In Training, Timmy arrives at Ben's for training and is tied and restrained whilst his slim young body is used. His cock and arse are licked and sucked and he pleasures Ben until he shoots his load. In Granny Basher, Alec likes to mug old ladies, so Ben doles out suitable chastisement. Alec is made to clean Ben's boots - with his tongue. He worships Ben's feet and the two of them end up sucking each other's toes in a long foot worship session. Alec finishes off by spunking on Ben's foot, licking it off and spitting it into Ben's mouth. In Dog Training, Ben decides that Damian needs some canine training, but not the usual walking round on a leash. Ben takes it further and makes him eat from a dog bowl. He is then subjected to a pegging, which turns him on. Ben has him barking and begging like a dog and, as Damian is a very good boy, he gets his well deserved treat! Finally, in Boy Training, Steve comes in for training and Ben is soon covering him in warm piss. He is dog-walked round the room before Ben gives his arse a good pounding. Steve enjoys this shafting so much that he shoots his load right up to his own face and then Ben offers his own cum to Steve which is gratefully accepted. British Slave Boys is nearly two hours of discipline, correction and cock worship! Cast: Ben Suffolk, Marek Zamoyske, Sean Deacon, Timmy Slater, Alec Steele, Damian Duke, Steve Strong