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Girl Girl Sex 353

Girl Girl Sex 353
Girl Girl Sex 353
Girl Girl Sex
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In Girl Girl Sex 353, two girls exchange sweet tongue kisses and ear lobe nibbles, until Delfine peels off Paisley's shorts and golden thong panties. Realising that she's naked while Delfine is fully dressed, Paisley begins pulling down her tropical-themed trousers and sucking her hard nipples. Then the girls are ready to taste each other in a steamy 69, before giggling during passionate tribbing as their sensitive clits rub together. The energetic lovers take turns sitting on each other's faces, crying out as the skilled licking brings them to the height of ecstasy.Delfine goes first, melting into the pillows and biting her lip as Paisley's tongue massages her dangling pink labia, bringing on a blissful release. Then it's Paisley's turn, and she gazes down adoringly as Delfine laps her vulva, giving her dreamy orgasm that makes a bright smile flood her face. Next, Adelina strips off Francisca's flowing dress and holds her tight, while Francisca removes Adelina's top and plunges one hand deep into her denim shorts, while sucking her nipples. Once Adelina has uncovered Francisca's shaved vulva, she stuffs four fingers inside and gazes lovingly into her eyes, while giving her a blissful orgasm. Francisca is delighted by Adelina's polka-dot panties, and tugs them to the side to bury her tongue into her hairy pussy. The girls revel in the delicious friction of Adelina's fluffy bush rubbing against Franscisca's silky labia, indulging in two rounds of tribbing in different positions in the hammock. For the finale, Franciscia grinds against Adelina's tummy while having her clit stroked, and whips her long hair around as she's overcome with pleasure. Cast: Delfine, Paisley, Francisca, Adelina