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Girl Girl Sex 309

Girl Girl Sex 309
Girl Girl Sex 309
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Pascal is giving an accordion lesson to Maylin in Girl Girl Sex 309. She sits behind her, gets really close, and Maylin exhales as she feels Pascal breathing close to her neck. Putting the accordion aside, Maylin smiles as Pascal caresses her small breasts from behind. Turning around, Maylin pushes Pascal's strong body back and kisses her passionately as she begins to undress her. Kneeling before Pascal, Maylin kisses Pascal's girly cotton panties, before taking them off and continuing by ardently licking her vulva. Laying on the couch on top of each other, the girls continue to pleasure each other in a 69, moaning as they get closer to their climaxes. Looking into Kalie's eyes, Holly slowly climbs on top of her, sitting on her lap while her hands caress her big breasts. Delicately kissing her soft lips, Kalie's hands move towards Holly's firm bum, sliding them inside her shorts, she squeezes firmly. Standing on the couch, Holly holds Kalie's hair while she passionately licks her wet vulva. Dropping on all fours, Holly closes her eyes as she feels Kalie's fingers rubbing against her vulva and finger her from behind. Increasing the intensity progressively until she can no longer hold back an explosive orgasm. Cast: Pascal, Maylin, Kalie, Holly