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Girl Girl Sex 294

Girl Girl Sex 294
Girl Girl Sex 294
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Positioning herself behind Teagan to begin Girl Girl Sex 294, Ayesha rubs Teagan's shoulders, making her relax before kissing her neck. Turning around, Teagan smiles as she gets closer, placing her lips on Ayesha's while her hand moves towards Ayesha's pubic region, sliding inside her panties and caressing her vulva. Laying on her back, Teagan closes her eyes while Ayesha slowly kisses her way down her slender body, stopping on her pert breasts and softly kissing her nipples. Turning around, Ayesha lays on her back, inviting Teagan to sit on her face so she can devotedly lick her immaculate shaved pussy until Teagan can no longer hold back an orgasm. Sitting behind Marine, Sarah brushes Marine's long dark hair. Slowly, she gets closer to her, pressing her pert breasts against her back and kissing softly her neck. Turning around visibly aroused, Marine's hands go straight to Sarah's breasts caressing them as she takes off her top. Continuing to undress each other, Marine rips apart Sarah's leggings and, pulling apart her panties, she dives her head in between Sarah's legs, moving her wet tongue all around Sarah's vulva. Turning on her back, Sarah moves to the edge of the bed, letting Marine sit on top of her face, moaning as she feels Sarah's tongue play with her clit. Cast: Teagan, Ayesha, Marine, Sarah