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Girl Girl Sex 228

Girl Girl Sex 228
Girl Girl Sex 228
Girl Girl Sex
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In the first scene of Girl Girl Sex 228, sitting behind Mariana, Irina gently kisses her neck and bites her earlobe, caressing each other as their breathing accelerates. Turning around, Mariana on top of Irina showing her round bum inside her tight shorts while she undresses Irina, exposing her body and perfectly shaved pussy. Firmly squeezing Irina's breasts as she kisses her way down her body. Mariana passionately licks her vulva while fingering Irina making her squirm in pleasure. Down on the floor, Irina positions herself below Mariana grabbing her bum whilst giving her oral before moving to some passionate tribbing action. In scene two, gently kissing each other as they lay on the bed, Gala caresses Victoria's panties, dampening them in Victoria's fluids while she kisses her pert breasts. Lifting Gala's legs up in the air, Victoria poses her lips in her dark full bush moving them up and down before fingering her vigorously. Turning around the girls move their bodies towards each other, rubbing their vulvas against each other before doing a passionate 69 that will take them to orgasm. Cast: Irina, Mariana, Gala, Victoria