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Come Together

Come Together
Come Together
Intimate Moments
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Come Together, from the Intimate Moments series, features another ten girls doing what they like when they like. Blanca and Luna are two petite amateurs who masturbate beside each other after they have removed their clothing. Luna keeps rubbing between her legs long after the peak of her orgasm, continuing to ride the wave, reluctant to stop. With their legs interlocked so their vaginas meet face to face, Ella and Brooklyn talk about makes them wet and what turns them on. The girls get completely nude and Ella uses a vibrator to stimulate her clitoris and then uses the toy on Brooklyn, still wet from Ella's orgasm, to bring her to climax. Tiffany pulls down her panties and shows off her full bush and armpit hair to Anastasia who opens up her legs and plays with her pussy. Anastasia teases her immaculately shaved pussy and spreads her meaty lips apart. Both girls insert a finger into their pussies and play with their clits before reaching orgasm. Emilia takes her shirt off and caresses her armpit before she pulls down her panties and shows off her pubic hair to Nora. Both girls take off their tops off and play with their small breasts before they hold each other's hands and masturbate to orgasm. Jay and Tallulah sit in their outdoor garden, getting tanned by sun. Jay takes her shirt off so Tallulah can apply sun cream her back and touch her pert breasts and Jay, returning the favour, applies cream on Tallulah's small breasts. The girls get fully nude and touch themselves, despite the possibility of being caught, as they masturbate to orgasm. Cast: Blanca, Luna, Brooklyn, Ella, Anastasia D, Tiffany, Emilla, Nora, Jay, Tallulah