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Transsexual Heartbreakers 2

Transsexual Heartbreakers 2
Transsexual Heartbreakers 2
Transsexual Heartbreakers
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If you've ever wondered how broad your mind is, watch this film and see how long it takes before your cup of tea goes flying. Brought to you by the campy and cute Gia Darling, Transsexual Heartbreakers 2 features exactly what it says on the box - a selection of scenes featuring what Ms Darling describes as "girls with cocks". They're all stunning to look at, but the mind does a frequent vertiginous jump as the camera pans from a lovely face to a pair of pert silcon titties and down the same body to a throbbing erection. Ladyboy lovers will already be well aware of the erotic delights to be found in exploring gender diversity, couples-porn aficionados might be frightened out of their wits, but as a way of stimulating the mind and intriguing the imagination, Transexual Heartbreakers 2 is a warm, affectionate, fascinating exploration of the possiblities opened up beyond the original division of male and female. Cast: Gia Darling, Shara, Gina, Nicole, Alisa, Paul Morgan, Arturo.