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The Au Pair: Family Secrets

The Au Pair: Family Secrets
The Au Pair: Family Secrets
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Generally speaking, au pairs are ingenuous and looking for new experiences. However, in The Au Pair: Family Secrets, Kaisa Nord likes to take the initiative - much to the delight of her employers! This year, as in previous years, Kaisa Nord found an au pair position to pay for part of her studies. In appearance, the pretty redhead is an au pair like the others. Punctual, attentive to her employers' instructions, never a word higher than the other, efficient in her different tasks. In a word: professional. Sometimes, however, appearances can be deceiving. Her new host family will quickly discover that underneath her innocent young female appearance, Kaisa hides a personality much more open than it seems. She will also discover that her new employers, a wealthy local family, are not as perfect as they would like people to think.Tina Kay, the mother, is convinced that Zazie Skymm, her daughter, is a serious student who only thinks about her final exams. She spends long hours in her room studying. One thing is certain, she prefers to revise her anatomy classes with her boyfriend Nikki. It must be said that the young man has strong arguments to help his girlfriend. To thank him for his help, Zazie likes to offer herself to him and let him enjoy her dream body and all her orifices soaked with desire, including her anus which hasn't been virgin for a long time. What the two young people don't know is that the new au pair has discovered their little secret and that she intends to use the photos of their lovemaking for her own benefit. Like any self-respecting family, Tina and Vince enjoy spending time with their children and occasionally have movie night in the living room. The semi-darkness of the living room is the perfect opportunity for Kaisa to start showing her true personality to Sam, the couple's son. After discreetly caressing herself in front of him, Kaisa invites him to join her in her room as soon as the movie is over. How could he resist such an exciting proposition? With her voluptuous curves, what man could resist her? Between fellatio and anal sex, the au pair has hidden skills that the rest of the family will soon discover. The next day, as Nikki is not available, Kaisa offers to help Zazie with her homework. Quite excited by the situation but not very comfortable with women, Zazie prefers to decline. Kaisa then has no choice but to show her the compromising photos she took a few days earlier. She knew that her evidence would one day serve her well. The two young women then embark on lesbian games that prove to the pretty blonde that even in the absence of her boyfriend, there is always a way to have fun. After lunch, Kaisa offers the couple to accompany their children to the university so that she can familiarize with their lifestyle and the surroundings, which she still knows little about. This is the perfect opportunity for Tina and Vince to finally spend some time together. Between their respective jobs and their family life, they rarely have the opportunity to be alone for more intimate moments. What they don't know is that their new employee finally came home just in time to witness the sex. Unsuspecting, the couple takes advantage of the empty living room to spice up their sex life. Vince knows his wife's every curve by heart and knows exactly how to make her reach orgasm. As Tina comes out of the shower after this lively frolic, Kaisa joins her, dressed in a set of lingerie that leaves no doubt as to her intentions. At first a little surprised, she finally lets herself be taken in by the game and her whole body responds to the sensual caresses of the young woman. She discovers that her new employee is not only very gifted in household chores, but that she also masters to perfection the art of arousing her partners. Chances are that the two women will not stop at this short appetizer. The same evening, they meet in the couple's room to test the new sex toy that Kaisa always carries in her suitcases. After having sodomized her boss, they are joined by Vince who witnessed the whole scene. What was supposed to be a pure moment of fun between girls turns into an improvised threesome, but one that each participant will keep unforgettable memories of. Having sex with one partner is great, but a third partner offers much more interesting possibilities to reach orgasm. Despite her impressive coping skills, Kaisa will have to leave this family at the end of the year, but chances are that this experience will have been very beneficial for everyone! Cast: Vince Carter, Tina Kay, Sam Bourne, Zazie Skymm, Nikki Nuttz, Kaisa Nord