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Girls And Their Boys 39

Girls And Their Boys 39
Girls And Their Boys 39
Girls And Their Boys
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To start Girls And Their Boys 39, Juliana enters the kitchen wearing her sexy red lingerie and a silk robe. Letting her robe slip down her shoulder, she bends over the kitchen counter pushing her round bum out. Seeing this, Adam approaches her from behind, firmly grabbing her breasts with one hand while the other one caresses her shaved pussy. Lifting her on to the counter, Adam opens Juliana's legs showcasing her flexibility, unclips her lingerie, passionately fingers and licks her. Grabbing Juliana upside down, they give each other oral standing, Juliana putting Adam's erect penis all the way inside her mouth. Laying on the couch as she reads a book, Rose slowly begins to caress her breasts. When Tom approaches her from behind she closes her eyes and opens her legs as his hands move towards her panties, rubbing her hairy pussy firmly as he kisses her neck sensually. Kneeling before Tom, Rose grabs his erect penis and licks it from the base all the way up to the shaft. Climbing on top of him, Rose grabs his hard dick and guides it inside her dripping wet pussy as she gets ready to ride him in a reverse cowgirl position. Continuing to explore different positions, Rose reaches a powerful orgasm down on all fours as she gets penetrated from behind. Cast: Juliana, Rose, Adam, Tom