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Freddie's British Trannies 2

Freddie's British Trannies 2
Freddie's British Trannies 2
Freddie's British Trannies
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Freddie's T-Girls are back, and are all competing in their very own reality show - The T-Girl Farm in Freddie's British Trannies 2. A new addition has been added to Freddie's tranny stable in the form of Melissa. She's an imposing figure as she flirts with Damian on day one, but he's always up for a good time - and, boy, does new girl Melissa know what she's doing! She drags his limp cock from his jeans and blows life into it, making him moan with pleasure. She gives him a tit wank and sucks his balls before she strips down to just her stockings and fucks the life out of him, draining his sac as he shoots his sticky sperm onto her face and tits. Day two, and security guard Darnel has been brought into the house to check for contraband. He comes across Liberty and is soon on his knees, making sure that her cock is as real as his as he deep throats the hard wand! The buff black guard can't get enough of Liberty and his thick ebony cock grows harder as she wraps her lips around his bell end. She bends over and invites Darnel to her entrance and he is soon fucking the life out of this slender tranny - his cock buried to the hilt in her anal canal! Day three and Darnel has to subdue Melissa after a fight had broken out between the girls, and the only way to calm the heated Mel is to let her loose on Darnel's cock. This does the trick as she chows down on his thick cock and lets him fuck her tight hole on the kitchen table. Day four and it's judgement day in the house and all three girls are hoping that they have won. Victoria has one final fling with the only straight guy in the house, Damian, and he loves it. He holds her hair back from her face as she blows his upright cock and then leans over to get a taste of her protruding prick. Victoria takes the upper hand and straddles Damian, lowering herself onto his prick for the ride of her life. Damian shags her all over the lounge and finishes by unleashing a torrent of spunk into Victoria's face. At the end of the day, all the contestants gather for the final vote and bugger me (oh sorry, they've already done that), it's a straight tie - everyone has the same amount of votes! Cast: Melisa, Damian Duke, Liberty, Darnel, Victoria