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Coming Home To Her

Coming Home To Her
Coming Home To Her
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Sometimes, you just can't wait to go home to feel the touch of your partner's body. These ladies have been longing for their partner's touch, and they are in for an amazing session of uncontrolled pleasure. Watch them come home to incredible sex and romance. Cute Lara West arrives home with her suitcase but gets no answer when she knocks on the door so she walks around back to spy sexy brunette Julia Roca sleeping on the couch, looking super-hot. When she sees Julia stir, Lara knocks on the glass to be let in. So happy to see here friend, they kiss and touch passionately on the couch, fondling breasts and sucking nipples - they are so hungry for each other! They drive each other wild with their vigorous licking and stroking, and then move into scissors to grind their wet pussies together for a noisy mutual orgasm. Cute Briana Banderas is preparing for the return of Julia Roca, she makes the bed and puts on sexy lingerie, greeting her lover with a passionate kiss at the door. In the bedroom, she fondles Julia's breasts and sucks her nipples. Julia straddles Briana's face, grinding her hairy pussy on her lover's eager mouth. Julia kisses her juice from her sweetheart's lips and peels off her pretty lingerie, then kisses her way down to her pussy. She sucks on Briana's clit, and Briana goes wild as Julia finger bangs her to a frantic orgasm. Stunning brunette Alyssia Kent returns home to sulky Aruna Aghora, and as she undresses, Aruna squirms with self-restraint, but can't stop herself from becoming aroused. She remains in control but at last, Aruna kisses her girlfriend and all their pent-up passion is released. Alyssia gasps with pleasure as Aruna laps at her clit and sucks her stiff nipples and she opens herself up to Aruna's flicking tongue and probing fingers. They embrace fervently as Alyssia orgasms. It's then Alyssia's turn as she soon has Aruna delirious with excitement as she rubs and licks her puffy folds and finger-bangs her from behind. Sexy Lara West is in bed, sulking and waiting for her girlfriend to return, but is asleep by the time gorgeous Briana Banderas arrives. The hot brunette undresses before waking Lara with a tender kiss. The lovers embrace passionately, and Briana goes down to eat Lara's pussy, sucking and licking her hot pink folds. Lara kisses the taste of herself from Briana's lips and then moving into spoons, Briana drills Lara's shaved pussy with wet fingers, thrusting deep as Lara strums her own clit. They lie side by side to frig each other to frantic orgasms. Cast: Julia Roca, Lara West, Alyssia Kent, Briana Banderas, Aruna Aghora