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British Lesbo Granny Double Feature 3

British Lesbo Granny Double Feature 3
British Lesbo Granny Double Feature 3
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Even grannies don't want to miss out when it comes to sex with gorgeous, younger girls and British Lesbo Granny Double Feature 3 is an outstanding older/younger lesbian clit fest. In Freddies British Lesbo Grannies 5, The Lesbo School is expecting a visit from the school inspector and a young girl is used as bait to ensure that the school passes the randy old inspector's high standards. Bending over she shows off her gorgeously pert arse and folds of soft skin are lubed with sweet tasting and sticky girl juice. Next, Tracy is chastised for wearing inappropriate dress to work and the only way she can show her remorse is by getting on her hands and knees and licking her boss's mature twat. Then we get to see a mature granny seduce a young babe out of her school uniform. The odd couple enjoy eating each other out, 69 style, and a variety of toys are used to bring each other to the height of sexual pleasure. Finally a mature boss tells a young school work experience slut that the only way she can keep her job at Fannys 4 U Taxis is by shagging her! The young babe shows no hesitation and strips off to receive a fanny full of latex. Four horny scenes show how these enterprising grannies teach their young cohorts a thing or two in the bedroom department, all done with Freddie's trademark sly humour! Freddie returns with G as school caretakers in a very elite private school, where all the teachers are into young toned girls and pliable dildos rather than man-cock in Freddies British Lesbo Grannies 6. G gets Tracey into trouble with her older female teacher Jules when she is caught flirting very provocatively with the handyman. Tracey needs to be punished, but the tables are turned and Tracey is the one to dole out her own form of punishment and fucks Jules with a big black dildo, making her moan like a whore. Senior teacher Miss James discovers that the young Foxy is a lesbian - and decides she'll have some fun with the younger babe. The blonde Miss is soon showing Foxy some moves of her own and the two of them embark on a lesbo love. Older and experienced Mazza arrives for a job interview to find that one of the requirements is that she has to make love to the gorgeous Donna. No great hardship there and the young Donna is straight in with a blue dildo and fucks Mazza good and hard. A young Tracey and her senior female police officer colleague have been given a tip-off and arrive at a house to start a search. They come across a stash of sex toys, which starts the two coppers feeling extremely horny and naughty. With no-one else to interrogate, they launch a full police assault on each other - probing hot shaved boxes with the seized contraband. British Lesbo Granny Double Feature 3 is another humorous and highly arousing dvd from the Freddies range. Nine extremely horny British Lesbian scenes run for over three hours in this great feature. Cast: Naomi XXX, Tanya Cox, Others