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Best Of Angel Long

Best Of Angel Long
Best Of Angel Long
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Brit-babe Angel Long sparkles in Best Of Angel Long, a great three hour dvd that features some of the hottest action from her dirtiest and most voracious scenes. In possession of a stunning body and a dirty mind, this six foot Brit-blonde was made for sex - and boy does she enjoy it! Always open to new experiences, Angel and her housemate are discussing sex toys in scene one. Heading upstairs to the bedroom, they kiss and compare boobs on the bed before turning their attention to each other's gushing twats with their arsenal of toys. Angel's delectable snatch is devoured before she plugs her gal pal's arse with a thick vibe. When her friend attaches a strap-on to her groin, Angel wastes no time sliding her slickened gash up and down the plastic pecker as her hole gets pumped to orgasmic heights! Desperate for a pee, Angel barges into the toilet to find Tony wanking in a scene from the UK Student House series. Convincing him to play with her instead, Angel's soon bouncing on his cock while upstairs a mystery man rifles through her knicker draw. Up in her bedroom, Tony's first down her hatch pumping her tight slit before, one by one, the guys break open her tight arse until both sow their seed inside her mouth! Angel has some kinky double penetration and strap-on fun when she and her girl-friend take a shine to the pool boy. Not content with just one cock in her quim, Angel dons a strap-on for some kinky fetish fun as her friend gets a deep double dicking before Angel too, takes an anal adventure! Three Brit-babes offer up their holes for a great British gangbang as Angel takes the guys' loads across her belly in a great scene. The finale has Angel and her friends in the middle of a scorching orgy when they visit a club. Angel and her gal pals make light work of the boys, doling out blowjobs and handjobs before Angel find herself on the end of a deep anal-dicking and a mouthful of spunk! It's all in a days work for Britain's leading porn princess. Let's hear it for Angel Long! Cast: Angel Long, Others