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Auntie Trisha And Friends 11

Auntie Trisha And Friends 11
Auntie Trisha And Friends 11
Auntie Trisha And Friends
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As part of the Dirty Doctors International Recruitment Programme, a new nurse joins Auntue Trisha's clinic in Auntie Trisha And Friends 11. Shooting Star is soon between Trisha's legs licking and sucking her pussy beforeshe returns the favour and slides her tongue deep in Star's wet cunt to lick out all those sweet juices before introducing her to a very powerful vibrating wand. Next Trisha is on the bed with Molly - and they are both wearing black strap-ons for a true hardcore lesbo session. Auntie Trisha's mail has been delivered next door by mistake, so Molly brings it around - only to hear all about Trisha's guaranteed over fifty fuck me plan. It's not long before they are in the bedroom. Nurse Savana and Trisha have just finished tidying some rooms before climbing into bed to lick each other's pussies. A slim black vibrator brings Savana to a fantastic orgasm. Two more scenes, including one with the Dirty Doctor, round off a mainly mature lesbian edition of this great series! Cast: Auntie Trisha, Lily May Molly MILF, Savana, Shooting Star, The Dirty Doctor